Online Pupil Survey 2020- Lockdown Edition

Posted by RT - Tuesday 16 June 2020

In collaboration with Gloucestershire County Council and researchers at the University of Oxford, our school has signed up to take part in the ‘Online Pupil Survey, ‘Lockdown Edition’ which aims to monitor the well-being of school pupils during lockdown and to assess the impact of COVID-19 on mental wellbeing and learning.

All parents of pupils at Sir Thomas Rich's and pupils in the Sixth Form have been emailed the details of this survey. This email includes an information letter for parents.

There is more information about the survey on the research team's webpage, including Frequently Asked Questions ( There is also a 3-minute video that was recorded for children:

All pupils are invited to take part in the survey unless a parent or Sixth Form pupil contacts us to let us know that they do not want to participate/do not want their child to participate.

The option to complete this survey will be live between Tuesday 23rd and Tuesday 30th June.

This data will be anonymous and will be very useful in helping us support the pupils in our school during these unprecedented times. It will help us plan our PSHE Curriculum so that it is specifically tailored to support them during their transition back to school, as well as informing our pastoral team of how best to support our pupils and their mental well-being and learning.

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