PMM Handicrafts Stall at Open Evening

PMM Handicrafts Stall at Open Evening

There will be a sale of Ugandan made handicrafts on Open Evening.

Sir Thomas Rich’s School has shared a partnership link with PMM Girls’ School in Jijna, Uganda for over 10 years. Through fundraising efforts across the school year, we enable 20 girls to stay in school and complete their education by providing a scholarship which pays their school fees. There have also been a number of teacher exchange visits and, more recently, student visits.

About two years ago, we added to the partnership activities of the link by selling handicrafts made by the girls themselves. The proceeds of the sales go to support more girls, allowing them to complete their education by paying the final instalment of school fees or exam fees. A number of girls have been supported in this way.

The handicrafts on sale on Open Evening come from two schools: PMM Girls’ School and St. Gonzaga Gonza Secondary School. We are connected to St. Gonzaga through two teachers who have moved on from PMM to become the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher.

Whatever we make will be sent directly back to the schools to benefit those students who have given many hours of their time to the production of these handicrafts.

The stall will be located in the computer room corridor.

PMM - Monday 14 September 2015