Poetry by Heart

Poetry by Heart

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth, the 2016-17 Poetry By Heart competition featured a Shakespeare Sonnet recitation competition that was open to all students and teachers in schools across the country.

Will Hypher 9B won the in-school competition and I'm so pleased to report that he has just received a commendation from the competition organisers.

Many congratulations Will, and well done to all those who took part in the competition in school.

But why commit to learning a poem?

It's a challenge and everyone can join in.

A new way of engaging with Shakespeare.

An opportunity for learning new methods and sharing enjoyment of poetry.

A key method for 'closed-book' GCSE exams.

Poetry is for life and not just for set text public examinations.

Keep learning and reciting!

http://www.poetrybyheart.org.uk/about-the-competition/ See link for more information.

HT - Monday 22 May 2017