Pupil Wellness Survey with RM Insight and Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning (GHLL)

Posted by RT - Wednesday 26 February 2020

From Monday 2nd March to Wednesday 11th March in Form Time, our Year 8, Year 10 and Year 12 pupils will be taking an anonymous Pupil Wellness Survey. 

This survey is being provided by RM Insight and Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning (GHLL). 

Every school in Gloucestershire has the option of participating in this survey and the data is used by our School to plan and review the early help we provide through our PSHE curriculum, PSHE workshops, PSHE trips and external speakers, pastoral assemblies, and pastoral support and interventions. GHLL uses this data on a wider scale to focus on areas to target within the county. Our pupils have taken this survey for many years now and this data has always proved invaluable. The survey has been updated this year by RM Insight. You can find further information about RM Insight and GHLL by clicking on these links.