Shakespeare Society: The Tempest

Shakespeare Society: The Tempest

The boatswain and the master: Mr Parker and Mr Birkett, drove a crew of twenty-five through tempestuous weather to see Gregory Doran's latest version of The Tempest on Monday the 21st.

The Tempest is the last complete play solely attributed to Shakespeare and this season's version is a visual spectacular. Created in collaboration with Intel and in association with the Imaginarium partners, the play is a visionary performance.

Ariel, played by Mark Quartley, wears a costume fitted with sensors that pick up his movements, which are fed through video servers for projection, and a digital avatar comes to life.

Just as Shakespeare was inspired by the technology of his day and the masques of King James' court, Gregory Doran has reimagined Shakespeare's magical play. With Prospero renouncing magic, and returning to Milan, at the end of the play, we sought solace as the tempest outside subsided and we returned to school.

JLS - Tuesday 22 November 2016