Sixth Form Debate

Sixth Form Debate

Euroscola 2012 provided a unique opportunity for Sixth form in the county to meet and discuss aspects of the European Union. Almost 40 years has passed since Britain joined the EU and the debate on what role Britain should have within the Community, if any, shows no let up. With Members of Parliament ranging from staunch EU supporters to the Eurosceptics, it looks as if the debate will continue for some time to come.

The opinions of our students are, therefore, of considerable importance. Teams of Sixth Form students from five schools gathered in the Council Chambers of Shire Hall to take part in the competition. Each team chose a topic and presented their arguments, following which they were required to answers questions from the other teams. The topics were:

  • Does the euro have a future?
  • The EU‘s Nobel Peace Prize- a vindication of values or ridiculous in a time of crisis?
  • USA or EU? Where do the UK loyalties lie?
  • EU budget - freeze or cut?
  • In or out? The pros and cons of a Brixit.

The team from Sir Thomas is Rich, debating the pros and cons of a Brixit, consisted of James Stokes, Christy Coulson, Toby Churchley, George Schreuder and Edward Quinn- Savory- and what a formidable team they were, demonstrating in depth knowledge of their subject and the ability to ask probing questions. In summary the judge commended the team on their robust presentation, their knowledge and clear presentation. He applauded their conclusion and added that every team had suffered from their challenging questions. It was therefore disappointing that their performance did not result in a victory, but watch out for these boys in the future!

JH - Thursday 20 December 2012