Socially Distanced Practical Science!

Posted by SJV - Thursday 4 June 2020

Year 9 Biology students have been taking part in a socially-distanced practical lesson, led by parent Dr Sock Koh, mother of Sam Perris in 9S. The session took place after 1 June, where new guidance on lockdown measures allows groups of up to six to meet outside. Students dissected a pig’s heart, an optional extension set by Mrs Marrinan, and the pupils involved were Barnaby Rye, 9T, Benji Grice, 9S, Sam Handley, 9S, and Sam Perris, 9S (note Sam is sitting next to his mum in the photos, so he doesn’t need to be two metres away as they live in the same household).

Mrs Marrinan commented: “That is absolutely fantastic! I'm so pleased they gave the optional dissection task a go, and what a fabulous way to do it! A brilliant learning opportunity and way to spend time with each other.”

Mr O’Neill was also very impressed: “An amazing effort! Well done to all involved. A huge thank you to Dr Koh for taking time out to share her expertise with the pupils.”