Student Star Bakers

Posted by SJV - Tuesday 21 April 2020

Rich’s students have been cooking up a storm during term time and over the Easter holidays. Taking inspiration from recipe books and TV programmes, Year 7 and 8 pupils have been busy creating some lovely food and sharing their pictures with Mrs Phillips. “I put some optional activities and suggestions on Show My Homework, including watching Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking and Carry On, and I’ve been delighted with the response from students,” says Mrs Phillips. “It’s been great to see some fantastic results from our home cooks, and I’ve been particularly impressed with the presentation!”

Archie Murphy, 7T, cooked some amazing Jamie Oliver’s lamb kofkas and flatbread. Nihal Voonna, also from 7T, made some excellent chocolate brownies using Jamie Oliver’s recipe, as well as a vanilla cake topped with toasted almonds, and Theo Morgan, 8T, baked some superb looking bread rolls.

Esteban Chatron-Michaud, 7B, took his inspiration from online Abel & Cole recipes, making inventive substitutes were he didn’t have some of the listed ingredients. Esteban baked scones with chapati flour (main picture), cooked eggs in pots with cheese and spinach, which he served with beans and home made garlic bread, and served up two types of leek quiche made with pizza dough.

Jacob Magee, 7B, presented his biscuits extremely well and also made some beautiful sultana scones. James Usher of 7T made some professional-standard tear and share bread after watching Jamie Oliver’s Channel 4 programme, and Sam Gould from 7T also made some lovely looking biscuits. Tasty apple and raisin scones were served up by Sam Woodward of 8S, and Archie Murphy from 7B made some delicious gluten-free scones.

Some comments from our home cooks:

Sam Gould: “I really enjoyed Food Tech and the whole experience of it. I loved how we had a theme of what we were doing, it made it a lot better and more exciting.”

Jacob Magee: “I made these biscuits to pass the time whilst I’ve been off school. I decided to create sultana scones as I really enjoy them.”

Nihal Voonna: “I made the chocolate brownies using Jamie Oliver’s recipe and they came out great. I made a vanilla cake and sprinkled some almonds on it. It was very nice.”

Sam Woodward: “I made some apple and raisin scones. I was planning to make some rhubarb scones but due to the current situation, I was not able to get any.”

Esteban Chatron-Michaud: “I have made the Peter Rabbit scones many more times because my family love them. Due to the current situation, we have been unable to buy more self-raising flower so I have used some chapati flour that we had stored in the cupboard.”