Success in the Maths Challenges

Posted by NJS - Friday 6 July 2018

Each year every member of Year 7 and Year 8 enter the Junior Maths Challenge. In 2018 there were 185 boys awarded with either Gold, Silver or Bronze awards due to the standard of their responses.

Last year 15 boys qualified for the follow on round, the Junior Maths Kangaroo. To qualify they had to be placed in the top 2.5% of the people who entered the Junior Maths Challenge. This year we had an notable 28 boys who qualified. More impressive than that was that one boy, Savinu Weerasekera, qualified for the Junior Maths Olympiad. This is only for those in the top 0.6% of the Junior Maths Challenge entrants.

Congratulations to all those boys who took part whether it was the Junior Maths Challenge, the Junior Maths Kangaroo or the Junior Maths Olympiad.