Summer Fiesta Ball

Posted by VN - Thursday 13 June 2019

The arrangements for the Summer Fiesta Ball on Saturday 6 July are coming together well. We have tables of parents, staff and alumni all looking forward to an evening of dining and dancing supporting our school. The caterers have asked for final numbers by Saturday 22 June so if you still need to purchase your tickets or would like to join the fun, please follow the link below to order tickets and wine

We have a few tables remaining so if you would like to get friends together for your own table, let us know when buying your tickets. If you would like to come but cannot get a full table together, you can specify your child's year group or other seating requests (eg rugby team etc) when purchasing your tickets. We will meet your seating requests wherever possible. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet other parents whilst also supporting your school.

All ticket sales must be completed by Saturday 22 June. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 6 July