The 2020 Great Politics Bake Off

Posted by AH - Tuesday 2 June 2020

The annual Sir Thomas Rich's Great Politics Bake Off took place at home this year. The politically themed, pun-tastic baking competition resulted in some excellent ideas. The best ones included: The Supreme Torte - a gluten-free chocolate torte as a play on the term 5 topic The Supreme Court; and The Lady's Not for Turnovers - delicious apple turnovers, making a playful reference to a quote by ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (our pre-1997 PM case study).

And the winner is...

Merangela Merkel - delicious meringues and summer fruits referencing German Chancellor Angela Merkel (part of our term 6 topic on the EU).

Well done to Bonnie Hosey for winning the competition.