The Onatti French Beginners Play 'Ticket pour l’espace'

Posted by JKH - Friday 5 July 2019

Last Wednesday, the Modern Foreign Languages department was pleased to welcome back the Onatti Theatre Company for the last time this year. To date pupils in Years 8-10 have had the opportunity to watch a range of entertaining and engaging plays in French, German and Spanish. Now it was the turn of the beginners and we were delighted that pupils from Elmbridge Primary School joined us for what was undoubtedly another excellent play. The language was very accessible and the young audience was keen to participate at every opportunity. This play also had the added bonus of a new video feature which the pupils found particularly engaging as they shared the story of Jack and his dream of going into space. Merci beaucoup to the Onatti Theatre Company. We are very much looking forward to next year's line up of plays.