UK Maths Challenge Success

Posted by SJV - Monday 12 July 2021

Well done to Ed H in Year 9 for qualifying for the Olympiad round in UK Maths Trust Maths Challenges – something which is extremely tricky to do as competitors are amongst the UK’s elite mathematicians. Ed’s performance was exceptional, scoring full marks in three of the six questions, and he won top prize.

Year 8 Junior Challenge

All Year 8 students took part in the Junior Challenge, an important enrichment activity, with approximately a fifth of them gaining the top result of a Gold Award. These students went on to the next round, the Junior Kangaroo, where one-third gained a merit award for their performance. Congratulations in particular go to Esteban, Cameron, Seymour, Matthew H, Ben J, Laurence K, Charlie P and William Rob.

Year 9-11 Intermediate Maths Challenge

In the Intermediate Maths Challenge 80% of our entrants qualified for the follow-on rounds. The Pink Kangaroo took place during a challenging end of year, so congratulations to Savinu and Tommy W, both in Year 11, for participating and gaining distinctions at this level, and of course to Ed H for his win in the Olympiad round. To recognise Ed’s achievements over the last couple of years, the school has purchased him a gift. Here he is pictured with a fantastic book for any keen mathematician, The Math Book, by Clifford A Pickover.