Year 10 Bronze DofE Expedition Completion

Year 10 Bronze DofE Expedition Completion

This Saturday saw the culmination of the Bronze Assessed Expeditions and successful completion by all students taking part. Yet again we were fortunate in the weather, a little too hot if you were hiking 15km with a heavy rucksack but manageable. Yet again staff turned out in force to make this Expedition safe and workable.

There were a many memorable moments but of particular note was the explanation given by one team’s supervisor as to why they ignored their Assessor, who was waiting for them, and walked in the wrong direction. “Well you didn’t look like a person – just a red boulder”! It also transpired that this group were struggling walking through a field of rape – legitimately. Apparently the plants had the upper hand.

Although we berate them at the time, all 31 14/15 year old boys were in their tents by 10.00pm and largely quiet by 10.30pm. I would not be confident of receiving that cooperation at many schools and just one reason why we are able to accommodate so many students at Bronze level.

Amazingly the next day all six teams were up, breakfasted and way by 8.00am. Could this be a by-product advantage of confiscating all but one mobile per team? Parents struggling to get your teenager moving in the morning might want to take note!

Navigation on the second day showed substantial improvement by most teams. Despite a hot humid day all teams’ were in good spirits. Some even managed to joke at the end about the delayed return of their mobiles – sorry, I realise I am showing my age. It’s a phone and all phones are mobile except those curious land line things. It will be interesting to see how they entertain themselves until Monday. I know some schools have tried a week without any social media. It would genuinely be interesting to have their feedback.

Well done to all students and many thanks to the time and care staff take to supporting the students. Tuesday 19th September is Presentation Evening and the award of the certificate for those who have completed all their other activities

SLJ - Sunday 9 July 2017