Year 11 - Ace Your Exams

Year 11 - Ace Your Exams

On Tuesday 27th February, Elevate Education came into school to present to the Year 11 students. The seminar was titled ‘Ace Your Exams’ and focused on how to prepare for their GCSEs. The presenter James did a fantastic job at relating to the whole group, giving them key information and advice, as well as motivating them to think about how they are preparing for their examinations.

All of the boys fed back about how useful it was, and how it was time well spent. Some comments about the seminar were:
“The program was really useful. I learnt a lot and the presenter did a great job in engaging me” – Archie
“I believe it will be very useful to me in preparation for my exams” – Theo
“The strategies presented will help me with my exams and my preparation” – Jack

Upon reflecting on the most important things that that learnt in the seminar, some commented:
“The timeline for how much time to have for notes, memorising and practice questions” – William
“The mistakes I make myself and how to effectively prepare my revision time” – Owen
“I need to leave myself lots of time to revise” – Bilal

As staff it was interesting to hear Elevate promote the same advice as we currently do, but realise that it is good for the boys to hear this from an independent person. We look forward to seeing the boys use many of the techniques in the coming weeks before the examination start on 14th May.

NJS - Wednesday 28 February 2018