Year 11 Students Excel In Top Physics Challenge

Posted by SJV - Friday 3 April 2020

Late in the Spring Term, over 30 of Rich's brightest and best students volunteered to take the fiendishly difficult Intermediate Physics Challenge, organised by the British Physics Olympiad. The boys did tremendously well, with the majority gaining at least Bronze Awards. Six boys, Hani Chaudry, Jamie Davis, Mohammed Juanroyee, Morgan Keane, Samuel Sharples and Thomas Shephard placed in the top 18 percent of entrants and gained coveted Silver Awards.

Mr Cooper, Head of Physics at Sir Thomas Rich's, said: “These are some of the highest results I've seen at any school I've taught at. Very well done to all the boys who took part, you showed a commendable level of academic ambition and insight.”

Thomas Shephard, Morgan Keane and Jamie Davis are pictured here with their Silver Award certificates.

The British Physics Olympiad (which is hosted by the University of Oxford) describes the difficulty level as follows:

“It is important that students realise that these competitions are taken by the top Physics students of their age in the country and that gaining a modest mark still includes them in the top rank of participants. They should not expect to think that because they are an 8/9 candidate in their usual exams that they will gain a high mark in these challenging papers. These papers often discriminate at the top end; gaining respectable or modest marks is a considerable achievement. One of the challenges is simply being willing to take the risk and have a go.”

Those who carry on with their Physics studies next year will have a chance to attempt the Senior Physics Challenge.

You can find out more about the British Physics Olympiad here.