Year 12 and 13 Students Visit Berlin

Posted by JKH - Wednesday 20 July 2022

It’s been a busy end of term for the MFL Department with a trip to Paris with students, followed by a visit to Berlin for a group of Year 12 and 13 pupils. Highlights of the trip included visits to the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie. During the four-day visit, pupils also enjoyed a mini cruise, exploring the city by foot, shopping and a visit to Madame Tussauds. The trip provided the ideal opportunity for pupils to showcase their language skills and immerse themselves in the rich culture and history of the German capital city. It was a very enjoyable and successful visit to Berlin and one we hope to repeat as a regular calendar event in years to come.

The students said:

“What I enjoyed most about the trip to Berlin was probably learning about the history of the city, and seeing all of the older architecture and structures. We saw the Berlin Wall, where it originally stood and where it divided the city, as well as the Eastside Gallery, a display of artworks along a strip of the Berlin Wall. It was really a memorable experience, seeing the art and the wall.” Max, 12C

“I had a very enjoyable time in Berlin and loved the opportunity to improve my German skills. I especially enjoyed the East Side Gallery and the GDR museum as I found the impacts of splitting of Germany into East and West really interesting. I also loved all of the German food – especially the Currywurst and chips which were very tasty. Overall a great trip and I would definitely recommend it. Danke schön!” Jack, 12B

“My favourite part of the trip was visiting the museums. We saw both the east and west part of Berlin as well as some remaining parts of the wall. We got to visit many iconic parts of Berlin such as the Reichstag and the TV tower. Apart from walking we mostly travelled by train/tram. In the evenings we went to a restaurant to eat (my favourite was pizza on the Sunday) and for lunch we had time to go to shops and choose something. Overall, it was a great trip.” Ashton, 12C

“The couple days we spent in Berlin were a great way for me to discover the city and the history within it as well as the German culture. My highlight of the trip was when we went up the TV tower and could look out over the whole city. It would have been great to have a couple more days so that we could've had time to see other places which interested me such as the Olympic Stadium.” Oliver, Year 13

“I really enjoyed the trip and found seeing the remains of the wall very interesting. There was a great view from the top of the Fernsehturm, of Berlin and beyond. I also got to enjoy Döner and Currywurst as well as lots of other new food and drinks, such as Berliner Weiße.” Sebastian, Year 13