Year 8 In Focus

Posted by SJV - Friday 9 October 2020

We’re celebrating all things Year 8 this week, they may have had a disrupted Year 7 but it certainly hasn't dimmed their energy and enthusiasm! Students in 8B were enthusiastically exploring cybersecurity in Mr Johnson’s Period 1 Computing class this morning, while Miss Howell’s Maths class saw 8R tackling geometry, and 8T were being put through their linguistic paces by Mr Reece in his Period 3 French class.

Earlier in the week 8S students enjoyed their Wednesday afternoon Period 4 Music lesson, and on Thursday 8C were busy flexing their creative muscles working on their mixed media sketchbook pages in Mr O’Neill’s Art class. Also in Art, 8S were exploring four different cultures with Miss Parry, creating patterns inspired by an artist of a choice, which they will go on to use as the basis for a print workshop.

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