Zak Taylor on his way to success

Zak Taylor on his way to success

Zak's results in his first SuperPrix karting event last weekend, where the “E" plate was awarded to the winner as English champion.

Zak was racing for Jade Karts in the Junior TKM class, which had a grid of 30 competitors:

  • Heat 1: started in 15th position and finished 12th (fastest lap 45.69 seconds)
  • Heat 2: started in 27th position and finished 26th following engine failure.
  • Heat 3: started in 1st position and finished 6th (fastest lap 45.28)
  • Final: started in 13th position and finished 10th (fastest lap 45.04)

Zak was very pleased to finish in the top 10 in his biggest event to date.

MPH - Wednesday 20 July 2016