Remote Access

If you just need to check your email, click 'Email Access' on the menu.

To connect, enter your school username in the box below and then click Connect.

Remote Access Slow or Intermittantly Unavailable

We are aware that Remote Access is slow or unavailable at times and we are provisioning extra capacity to help mitigate the problem.
It is due to the number of people accessing the system at one time.
If you are using Remote Access to access revision papers only, please download and email them to yourself. You can then login to your student emails here.

Important note regarding passwords

Students - your password expires every 31 days. If it expires over the holidays, you will need to ask your parents to reset it through Parent Gateway. The option to do so is on the left hand menu when they are logged in.

Staff - if your password expires, you will have to visit school in order to change it.

To change your (not expired) password: login using remote access and press CTRL+ALT+END on the keyboard. Then click 'change a password'.

First Time Users

Here at STRS, we use a Remote Learning Environment (RLE). The RLE allows pupils and staff to use the school system as if they were present within the school walls. This means that their home computer simply acts as a screen and keyboard for the session.

The main benefit to this type of setup for users is that there is no extra software (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint etc) to purchase or install. In addition, because users are effectively using a machine in school, they are subject to the same high-security regulations as they would be in the building - this includes internet filtering and enterprise-level anti-virus scanning. It also means the end of emailing large projects back and forth!

Our internal Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is based heavily around Microsoft SharePoint. This contains information for students - such as handouts, announcements, calendars and much more.

Please note: if you are looking for access to SharePoint as a parent, you need a Parent Gateway account.

If you encounter an error, or need technical support, please email

Connecting from a Windows computer

If you are running Windows Vista or later, you're ready to connect! Simply enter your username in the box above page and click connect. When prompted, choose Run or Save the file to your desktop for future connections.

Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft. We recommend you upgrade if you are able.

Connecting from Windows Phone, Android, iPad or iPhone

Install one of the official Microsoft Apps:

When installed, choose add new connection with the following settings:

  • Connection Name: RLE
  • PC Name:
  • Gateway: None configured
  • Credentials: STRS\USERNAME and your normal password. The slash must be a backslash '\', not a forwardslash '/'.
Connecting from an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.7 or higher
  1. Download and Install the latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Apple Store here:
  2. Launch it from the Spotlight menu
  3. Click New and fill in the following settings:
    • Connection Name: RLE
    • PC Name:
    • Gateway: None configured (unless you are an advanced user - see below)
    • Credentials: STRS\USERNAME and your normal password. The slash must be a backslash '\', not a forwardslash '/'.
  4. Press the X to close the window
  5. Double click 'RLE' to connect and click continue to the verify certificate window
  6. In future, launch Remote Desktop from spotlight and just double click RLE.
Connecting from an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.6 or lower (unsupported)

Sorry, this configuration is no longer supported by Apple. You will need to either upgrade to OS X 10.7 or later, or use a different machine.

Connecting from a ChromeBook or Chrome Browser (unsupported)

Sorry, Google have removed support for this configuration. Please use a different machine or purchase a remote desktop client for ChromeBook.

Connecting from a Linux based machine

If you are using a new version of Ubuntu, open the software center and install 'Remmina'. You should them be able to connect by opening the .rdp file generated by this site.

If you're using an older version of Ubuntu, or another distribution, you will need to download and compile Remmina from source. Due to the number of Linux distributions, we cannot offer support with all of them.

If your particular distribution doesn't have support for Remmina, you may be able to use RDesktop for limited functionality. Please see our video instructions here.

Manual Connection Instructions

If you're interested in setting up your own connection, as opposed to using the generated one from this website instruct your RDP client to connect to '' on port 3389. Username will be your school login, password will be your password, and enter 'STRS' as the domain. If your client doesn't have a domain box, enter 'username@strs' as the username.