Remote Access

If you just need to check your email, click 'Email Access' on the menu.

First time users, please follow the instructions in the section below.

To connect, enter your school username in the box below and then click Connect.

Important note regarding passwords

Students - your password expires every 31 days. If it expires over the holidays, you will need to ask one of your parents to reset it through Parent Gateway. The option to do so is on the left hand menu when they are logged in.

Staff - if your password expires, you will have to visit school in order to change it.

To change your (not expired) password: login using remote access and press CTRL+ALT+END on the keyboard. Then click 'change a password'.

First Time Users

Here at STRS, we use a Remote Learning Environment (RLE). The RLE allows pupils and staff to use the school system as if they were present within the school walls. This means that their home computer simply acts as a screen and keyboard for the session.

The main benefit to this type of setup for users is that there is no extra software (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint etc) to purchase or install. In addition, because users are effectively using a machine in school, they are subject to the same high-security regulations as they would be in the building - this includes internet filtering and enterprise-level anti-virus scanning. It also means the end of emailing large projects back and forth!

Our internal Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is based heavily around Microsoft SharePoint. This contains information for students - such as handouts, announcements, calendars and much more.

Please note: if you are looking for access to SharePoint as a parent, you need a Parent Gateway account.

If you encounter an error, or need technical support, please email

What are you using to connect?

If you are running Windows Vista or later, you're ready to connect! Simply enter your username in the box above page and click connect.
When prompted, choose Run or Save the file to your desktop for future connections.

Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and therefore it is not able to use Remote Access. We recommend you upgrade your computer if you are able.

Connecting from an Apple Mac is supported if it is running OS X 10.7 or higher.
If you are not running OS X 10.7, your Mac is not supported by Apple and is vulnerable. We recommend you upgrade your computer if you are able.

The instructions below are also available as a video.

  1. Download and install the latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop (10) from the App Store. (Circle Icon - please uninstall the one with a square icon if already present)
  2. Launch it, then accept or disallow the customer improvement programme notification
  3. Option-click its icon in the dock. Choose 'Options'->'Keep in Dock'
  4. Click the 'Gear' icon' -> Preferences
  5. Click 'User Accounts' -> '+'
  6. Complete this section:
    User Name: strs\your normal school username. eg 17WSURNFi
    Password: your normal school password
    Friendly Name: STRS Username
    Click 'Save'
  7. Click 'Gateways' -> '+'
  8. Complete this section:
    Server Name: <- please double check this when entering
    User Account: STRS Username
    Friendly Name: Remote Access
    Click 'Save'
  9. Close the preferences box, then click 'Add Desktop'
  10. Complete this section:
    PC Name: <- please double check this when entering
    User Account: STRS Username
    Click 'Show More'
    Friendly Name: STRS Remote Access
    Gateway: Remote Access
  11. Select 'Local Resources'
    Tick 'Folders' -> '+'
    Select your documents folder -> 'Open'
    Tick 'Printers' -> 'Save'
  12. Double click 'STRS Remote Access' to connect.
    If prompted, click 'Continue' on any certificate warnings.

Please use a Linux distribution where Remmina is installed or supported.

  1. Open Remmina
  2. Click the '+'
  3. Complete the section as follows:
    Name: STRS Remote Access
    Protocol: RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol

    Basic Tab
    Server: <- please double check when entering
    User name: your school username, eg 17HSURNFi
    User password: your school password
    Domain: strs
    Resolution: Use client resolution (you may need to scroll when connected) OR Set to a custom resolution that fits your screen
    Colour depath: GFX RFX (32bpp)
    Share folder: Ticked -> Documents

    Advanced Tab
    Sound: Local
    RD Gateway server:
    RD Gateway username: your school username, eg 17HSURNFi
    RD Gateway password: your school password
    RD Gateway domain: strs
    Tick 'Ignore certificate'
    Tick 'Share local printers'
  4. Click 'Save'
  5. Double click 'STRS Remote Access' to connect.

You can also connect using freeRDP:
  1. Install freeRDP:
    sudo apt install xfreerdp2-x11
  2. xfreerdp / /w:1024 /h:768 /bpp:32 /sec:tls / /gt:rpc /cert-ignore /d:strs /gd:strs /u:USERNAME /gu:USERNAME /p:'PASSWORD' /gp:'PASSWORD'
    Note the single speech marks around the password field.

The instructions below are also available as a video.

Install one of the official Microsoft Apps:

  1. Launch and accept the terms
  2. Click the menu, the choose 'User Accounts'
  3. Click the '+'.
    Complete the section:
    Username: strs\your school username
    Password: your school password
    Click 'Save'
  4. Click the menu again and choose 'Gateways'
  5. Click the '+'
    Complete the section:
    Server name: <- please double check this
    User account: strs\your school username
    Click 'Save'
  6. Click the menu and choose 'Home', then the '+'
  7. Add Manually
    Complete the section:
    PC Name: <- please double check this
    User name: strs\your school username
    Scroll down...
    Friendly name: STRS Remote Access
    Click 'Save'
  8. It is recommended to rotate your device to horizontal
    Tap 'STRS Remote Access' to connect.

Sorry, Google have removed support for this configuration. Please use a different machine or purchase a remote desktop client for ChromeBook.